We are here to help you from everything from before conception, being pregnant, and to raising your children. At least 90 Million couples worldwide are tryingto become pregnant, with only a 20% chance of getting pregnant, it’s easy to see how couples can become distressed and feeling anxious.
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Fertility is a very big issue these days as 40% are caused by men and 40% caused by women and 20% being a combination of both couples. We hope this site will help you in your goal to start your family.You will find all that you need here and much more incluing Conception Myths, Fertility Help for Men & Women, Healthy Pregnancy and much more...

Conception is the name of the game. Many couples try very hard to increase their chances of having a baby and they are right to do so. A few quick tips are:

To increase Male fertility :
To increase Female fertility :
Wear loose boxers and avoid tight trousers
Get your weight checked
Decrease amount of alcohol and smoking which can affect fertility
Always take Folic Acid when trying for a baby
Limit the amount of exercise, cycling, and driving.
Avoid Alcohol and smoking as both can be dangerous if you get pregnant
Eat healthy
Eat healthy
Avoid hot showers and warm baths
Use an Ovulation calendar or chart which can greatly increase your chances
Avoid stress (both of you) which doesn't help  
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If you are one of the thousands of men and women who have been trying for a baby and have been unsuccessful as of yet, then don't despair as most couples take atleast a year until they get pregnant. If it's been a sufficient amount of time and you are convinced it maybe something else then maybe it's time to look deeper into what the problem may be. Male infertility and female infertility are words we try not to think about, but they are worth mentioning here and you should get yourself checked by your Doctor as soon as you start trying to conceive. We have a whole section dedicated to infertility which might shed some light on an otherwise closed topic. Click here to visit our section on Infertility and what to do next.

There are many options if you or your partner are diagnosed as having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or low sperm count or being less fertile so try not to worry. When you are pregnant be sure to visit us back as we have sections related to pregnancy and giving birth so we are here to help you from the beginning. The best advice is first get checked over by your Family planning Doctor. Please be sure to also read our Medical Disclaimer. Our website is packed full of useful resources for expecting mothers including reviews on prams, cots, etc.











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